Boeing 757-200 Catfish The F-22 Testbed Aircraft

Boeing 757-200 Catfish The F-22 Testbed

Boeing 757-200 Catfish The F-22 Testbed Aircraft

Probably one of the most unique aircraft-shaped ever built, the Boeing 757-200 Catfish. This aircraft is specially built for F-22 Raptor testbed aircraft which means some of aircraft sections actually F-22's parts so the engineers able to observe its certain sections behavior. This photo taken by Brian Lockett at Nellis Air Force Base in Southern Nevada.

This picture shown weird nose because its nose belong to F-22 Raptor and on the top of the cockpit installed sensor wing which generated F-22 electronic warfare (EW) as well as communication, navigation and identification sensors (CNI). Apparently, this aircraft also has identical F-22 Raptor cockpit layout inside.

Boeing 757-200 series is a mid-size narrow-body commercial aircraft. The certain aircraft configuration makes aircraft able to carry between 186 up to 280 passengers. The original Boeing 757-200 series flew in 1983 later on the stretched variant, Boeing 757-300 introduced in 1999. There are about 1050 aircraft built until end of production in 2005, delivered to Shanghai Airlines. Boeing stopped its production but still provide support for 757 Series.

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